David Luckin spielt Anisha Cay in Florida

I'm playing my favorites tonight on the Electro Lounge @ 9pm 89.9 FM WJCT.
"Canary In The Coalmine @ the Electro Lounge Tomorrow @ 9pm Followed by Anisha Cay - Girl In The Moon Tune In Chillout!!!

In the wasteland that is Jacksonville, Florida radio... Thank NPR radio station WJCT for a truly wonderful way to relax at night: Electro Lounge. 
Host David Luckin offers listeners “music without walls,” a musical journey around the world and through time... Chill out with the relaxing, laid-back sounds of downtempo, nu jazz, reggae and dub. You’ll also find musical surprises – specials that revisit our cultural history or celebrate music icons.

Electro Lounge Airs: 

Tue - Fri: 9PM - 11PM
Saturday: 10PM-12AM

...Great times to pour a glass of wine and unwind!

Listen online:

Just select your player of choice under "89.9 Live."

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